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Yes. Our bubbles powder is safe for children. We produce the powder from natural materials and meet the most stringent standards of the Ministry of Health and the Israeli Standards Institution

By definition, the events are suitable for ages 3 to 120, although even toddlers under 2 years old enjoy playing with bubbles.

Bubbles powder has no expiration date and can last for years in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Once it is mixed with water and soap it can no longer be used indefinitely. After preparing the liquid, the product can be used for up to two weeks.

Definitely, we work with dozens of toy stores across the country, in addition to providing equipment to hundreds of event operators and operators of interactive parties for kids. A variety of products can be purchased directly from us. For more information please visit our retail page

Using the chart, mix the appropriate amounts of dry powder & water.
Add the proper amount of dishwashing liquid soap & blend – Use only Fairy or Dawn.
Holding the 2 sticks, soak the cord into the solution.
Gently lift the wands & let air flow through the corded loop to create a bubble.
Clean up with water.