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No Party Is Complete Without
BIGBUA Bubbles!


Simple To Use

Our giant bubble kit is easy to use and a little goes a long way. Simply mix the special Bubble Powder with the required amount of water and any high-quality dishwashing liquid — we recommend top brands like Fairy or Dawn for the best results. Then, let the solution sit overnight, and you’re ready to blow!


Non Toxic Bubbles

BIGBUA uses a specially made formula for creating giant soap bubbles sure to entertain for hours! Our bubbles are colorful, high flying, and long-lasting. It’s like bubbles you’ve never seen before!

Endless Fun For All

Big fun bubbles offer something for everyone — they make the perfect birthday gift for boys, girls, and even adults. Parents and teachers can use bubbles to teach concepts like elasticity, chemistry, light, or even geometry. Host competitions and see who can blow the biggest bubble! It’s a pastime that never gets old!